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We recommend citizens contact a local fire extinguisher company for disposal. Some fire extinguishers may contain hazardous components that these companies can manage better. The fire department cannot take old fire extinguishers for this reason. All fire extinguishers are under pressure, and the extinguishing agent is a fine powder. This has been known to irritate airways and cause breathing problems in sensitive persons.

For non-commercial permits, please access

Please check for the current burn status in the region.

Several non-profit and private entities offer CPR/1st Aid training. However, we can also offer these services in certain cases. Please contact Prescott Fire Administration at 928-777-1700.

The current ISO rating for Prescott is 2.


If you need to dispose of waste oil, you have two options. Firstly, you can take it to one of the local auto parts stores that accept it for recycling. However, it’s recommended that you call them first to confirm that they are able to take it. The second option is to transport it to the Prescott Transfer Station on Sundog Ranch Road. They accept used motor oil, antifreeze, and cooking oil in original containers at no charge, but only from individuals. Note that there’s a 5-gallon maximum per month, and they don’t accept waste oil from businesses.


As for old gasoline, you have a couple of options. If you have a large volume of it, you can take it to the Bennett Oil facility located at 11935 E. Wood Drive in Dewey, AZ. Note that none of the other Bennett Oil locations accept used gasoline. They do accept up to 55 gallons of used fuel, per person, per day, but there’s a current charge (as of 1/11/24) of $3.00 per gallon. Bennett Oil can be contacted at 928-759-0862. If you have a small volume of old gasoline that is not contaminated (meaning it has not turned dark brown and has no particulates in it), you can add about ½ gallon of your old fuel to a full tank of fresh gasoline in your vehicle. You can repeat this process until your old gasoline has been used.

Please visit Brush Chipping Requests

While fire hazards can exist on private property, the fire code is limited in its application in these cases. The best first step is to contact Neighborhood Services at 928-777-1320. If the fire department needs to be involved, they will contact us for further direction.

This is a private business not associated with the Prescott Fire Department. 

You can take your old flags to the American Legion on Marina Street, and they can dispose of them properly.

Knox boxes are available for purchase on There are two types of Knox boxes, one for residential use (for your home) and another for commercial use (for your business). If you need a commercial Knox box, you can choose from multiple options based on surface or flush mount, and size, depending on how many keys need to be placed in them. You will need to select the box that best suits your needs and mount it before calling the Fire Department to have the keys placed inside. If you have any questions regarding the mounting location or height, please contact the Fire Department’s Community Risk Management Division at 928-777-1700.

Contact Community Development at 928-777-1405 and schedule an inspection. 

Please visit Public Records and you may search Public Records Requests.  For Fire reports, email

There are many reasons why there may be smoke in the air. It could be as simple as a fireplace or BBQ near your house. Larger amounts could be the result of a fire near your house, either building or brush. A large amount of smoke could also be the result of large fires burning miles away from Prescott, but the prevailing winds are bringing the smoke into our area. Lastly, sometimes smoke in the air is the result of prescribed burning of brush, in order to decrease fire danger in the greater Prescott region. The vast majority of “Prescribed Burns” are managed by State or Federal agencies, not the Prescott Fire Department, and take place on lands outside the city limits. More information is available at the Prescott National Forest website, Any burns scheduled inside the city limits will be advertised and distributed by way a press releases prior the burning taking place.